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Teaching to Foster Learning

Remedial Learning Program to ensure no child is left behind

Learning for Life

Community Connect Program and Wellness Program to ensure holistic well-being

Learning for Change

STEAM Program to create innovative changemakers

Reaching Higher

Employability Skills Program to foster a bright career

Going Further

Entrepreneurship Program to build economic independence

Learning to Keep Teaching

Professional Development Program to enhance teaching effectiveness

We are learning Beings

Transforming learning by unlocking its lifelong role and impact.

We inspire true learning from an early age and create links to enable learning across different stages of life.

Learning Links Foundation is a non-profit organisation dedicated to enriching lives through learning.


If change is the only thing constant, then learning has to keep up. We stay ahead of the learning curve by developing future facing solutions.

Learning Pathways: Our Way of Working

Our educational, training, skilling and self-enhancement solutions create learning links throughout life across all age groups, while harnessing knowledge, innovation and technology.

  • Education Solutions
    for Lifelong Learning

  • Technology
    & Innovation

  • Research
    & Development

  • Skill Building
    & Entrepreneurship


We measure impact in terms of change in learning levels, teaching and skills.

  • Learning

    25% to 30%
    in literacy
    and numeracy levels

  • Teaching

    Over 95% teachers in intervention
    schools have integrated technology
    in their teaching practices

  • Skilling

    75% of the trainees are in a job
    or pursuing further education in
    an area of their interest

Connect with Us

Please get in touch to support our current programs and new initiatives, to volunteer, or just to get to know us better.


For us, our partners - employees, community, corporates, funders, institutions, volunteers - are an extended family. When we work as one, we transform learning and its impact.