Education Solutions

Every student deserves access to quality education. Yet there are many who miss out on basic opportunities to gain knowledge. Our education solutions help bridge the learning gap and support each stakeholder in their learning journey. From driving systemic change in schools to designing contextualized solutions that holistically empower students; from implementing robust scalable modules to creating an enabling environment, the local communities are at the heart of everything we do. We move beyond the school syllabus and activate the learning gene
for life.


  • 95% reduction in dropouts, 95% of students in intervention primary schools join middle schools
  • Over 90% of children have demonstrated better retention leading to enhancement in learning outcomes
  • 35% to 40% increase in literacy and numeracy levels
  • 75% students follow good health, hygiene and socio-emotional wellness practices in school and community
3,224 Schools
2,12,412 Students
8,071 Teachers
1,752 School Leaders
11,233 Youth
40,452 Community Children
39,480 Community Adults
11,740 Volunteering Hours