Although the education system, especially access to education has significantly improved, quality in education and attainment of grade level competencies continue to be serious concerns. The National Achievement Survey 2015 shows over 50% of class 10 students reading below grade level and only 16% of grade 10 students at grade level competency in Mathematics. ASER 2016, states that only 42% of class III students can read class I text and only 43.3% of Std VIII students could correctly do a 3-digit by 1-digit division problem. Only 2.3% of the Indian workforce has undergone formal skill training and just over 10 million have been skilled last year, just 1/40th of the target set for 2022.

Lack of innovative teaching frameworks, multidimensional approaches, well-trained teachers, effective skill building and holistic personality development are a few of the many challenges Learning Links Foundation strives to address. We seek to empower teachers, prepare students and equip youth with the skills necessary for self-reliance and self-determination.


Foster a bright future where education is optimally delivered and learning is truly inspired

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Our Mission


Work with key stakeholders in education to enhance delivery and impact

Enable last mile connect through networks and partnerships

Develop solutions that are customised and in keeping with the changing needs


Leverage technology to accelerate pace of change

Drive innovation for deeper learning and stronger enterprise


Develop evidence-based and well researched solutions and guidelines to raise the standards of education and training